Chile: Update on Tamara Sol’s trial


Inter Arma received from Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras:
After one year of detention in San Miguel prison, anarchist comrade Tamara Sol started to face the trial in which power aims to annihilate her. Tamara is accused of shooting a bank guard in January 2014, just days after a bank guard killed to comrade Sebastian Oversluij in a bank robbery attempt, in a different bank branch.
In November 2014, was performed a brief preparation for trial against Tamara, which finally started on this January 23. Tamara is facing democratic inquisition that wants to sentence her to several years in prison, with charges of attempted murder and accomplished simple theft. During the first day of trial the prosecution bastards ask for keeping the comrade handcuffed by “security”, because of the propaganda that was found during the early morning at State Bank where Tamara attacked the bank guard.
On 30/01 the comrade was found guilty for both charges and the sentence will be decided on 04/02, unless the given date is moved. There is a possibility for Tamara to be released on probation due to “prior honest conduct”.
Insurgent Solidarity with comrade Tamara Sol!
Power´s tribunal can not sentence our decisions of fight!

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