New announcement of the prisoners held in the C. type high security prison of Domokos – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!
The prisoners of E1 special wing (Ctype) of Domokos prisons, after a phone call earlier, asked us to publish a recent text of theirs, with which they notify the suspension of their mobilization and their commitment for continuing the struggle, after a written reply they received from the minister of Justice.
The announcement:
Announcement of prisoners of E1 special wing (Ctype) of Domokos prisons
Minister of Justice N.Paraskevopoulos sent a reply to our text earlier today and to the mobilization of prisoners in many prisons around the country, a document with which he committed to us:
a) To proceed to an urgent preliminary investigation of those
responsible for the death of our fellow prisoner Alkiviadis Mexas.
b) To quickly proceed to hire two doctors for Domokos prisons.
Although we have no trust in such preliminary investigations, who usually cover for the responsible state employees, however, after the commitment of the minister for the immediate hiring of two doctors, in communication with other wings in the prison we temporarily postpone our mobilizations and commit ourselves to steadily continue the struggle for the abolishment of C’type prisons as well as all fair demands of the prisoners.
All the prisoners of E1 wing:
Vaislios Varelas
Kostas Gournas
Mohamed Elcibach
Dimitris Koufodinas
Nikos Maziotis
Alexandros Makadasidis
Kostandinos Meletis
Ramadan Mercuri
Giannis Naxakis
Giorgos Sofianidis

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