Oaxaca, Mexico – For autonomous, horizontal and anarchist struggle: call for a caravan in solidarity with the people resisting in Oaxaca


Translated from Italian by act for freedom now


To autonomous and libertarian efforts
To independent and community channels of information
To all those who carry a new world in their hearts
The anger piled up in restless hearts in the southern part of the territory dominated by the Mexican State succeeded in transcending through a process of horizontal organization. Self-determination has become indispensable in the everyday lives of people who got accustomed to shout out against the injustices of dominion and power; from Zapata indigenous rebellions and general Charis’ short autonomous experience to the struggle for the defence of the earth, the territory and autonomy, which is stronger and more alive than ever.
The struggle for autonomy in Oaxaca has expressed itself in the resistance of the Binizaa and Ikoots peoples. A mega project (wind plants to be built along the Santa Teresa coast) has been threatening their lands for over three years and has caused the escalation of conflicts and generalized repression.
Gui’Xhi ‘Ro’ is one of the communities that refuse the imposition of the wind plant in Alvaro Obregon, a land situated near the Barra di Santa Teresa where capitalist company Mareña Renovables is trying to penetrate in order to impose the wind project. Within this conflict the community managed to pass from resistance to organization.
The struggle in Alvaro Obregon began more than two years ago with mass refusals to pay electricity bills after an increase in price, and the strength of this struggle increased in the face of the wind project. It managed to chase the company Mareña Renovables away, to resist confrontation with over 500 state policemen who had come with the intention to remove the barricades erected in front of general Charis’ ex farm and allow the company to get in. Following this event, people created their own community self-defence force, the Binni Guiapa Guidxi, on 9th February 2013. Next, they refused the system of political parties and boycotted the July 2013 elections. As a result of this struggle, the municipal committee of the elderly was formed and it was decided that all decisions were to be taken by the general assembly. The management of the municipality is under the control of the community assembly and so far it has been a bastion of autonomy.

It is in this context that we, as anarchist individuals and collectives, decided to join this process.
Anarchy has managed to go along with the peoples through historical phases on the side of indigenous movements. We are close to this kind of struggles for many reasons and there are many similarities between us and them: from relations based on mutual aid and shared labour to the horizontality expressed by the Assembly as the highest form of order (nothing to do with majority, political tendencies, leadership, vetted interests, victimization of tragedies and above all authoritarian dynamics), where the comrades’ voices are being listened to, appreciated and respected in order to find a way through the conflict (without unions, cults of personality or political platforms). Most importantly, we agree with an anti-capitalist approach, which doesn’t need any State, and with a more harmonic relation with nature.
As libertarian collectives we think that many of the peoples’ ways that materialize in everyday actions are fundamental for the life of the communities. That’s why theory has been overcome by antagonist practices, which we’ve been trying to spread in neighbourhoods, villages, schools and streets.
As anarchist collectives we stand as groups of support in order to strengthen the process of autonomy that the comrades of Ghi’Xhi’Ro’-Alvaro Oregon and San Dionisio del Mar are carrying out, because we’ve been walking along with them, fought with them and learned to build a different path on the ruins of the electoral system with them, and we’ve been mingling with the community assembly, the self-defence force and the committee of the elderly.
We denounce:
The road to autonomy has a price. It wasn’t easy to resist the attacks that had been intensifying, from the intention to deprive the peoples of their territory and the clashes with the state police to the confrontations with the internal group in opposition to the assembly, a group led by Jorge Alonso, an agent on the payroll of Saul Vicente, mayor of Juchitan.
The incongruity of the false left, which once upon a time was supported by the communities, and the delusional mediocrity of the forms of ‘struggle’ that imply a vicious circle of demonstrations, blocks, protests, dialogue and negotiation, were meant to bring water to the mill of the State and to accuse the comrades on struggle of being ‘violent’, ‘wild’ and ‘narrow-minded’ because they refused any negotiation with the State. This is the same argument with which PRI, the force in power since 1982, has been defaming and insulting the rising COCEI. The defendants of the past are the inquisitors of the present. The script repeats itself on a national level and we can see how masked anarchist comrades are accused of being ‘infiltrators’, ‘affiliated to groups at the service of the State’ and other bullshits that have been thoroughly analysed by the Zapata comrades in their communiqué ‘On Ayotzinapa, the Festival and hysteria as methods of analysis and code of conduct’.
We see how this negotiating, conciliating and reformist left led to the exhaustion of the struggle in that context as unscrupulous leftist organizations exploited the tragedy and sold out the pain and anger of the missing persons’ families. This kind of tragedies served and continues to serve the interests of the State.
It is astonishing that 43 reasons were not sufficient to channel the anger against the real enemy, and that civil society left itself be distracted by the progressive and passive morality imposed through the media bombardment against anarchists, direct action and hoodies, which to us represent safety for everyone. It is disgraceful that 43 reasons were not sufficient to stop CNTE begging to the State, as they reconfirmed their servile role of losers, a role of blacklegs that represents the most powerful instrument in the hands of the State-Capital through Section 22.
Nevertheless we embrace and join the intrinsic anger of the peoples, which expressed itself through the diversification of the methods of struggle as it passed from defence to active and direct solidarity.
To us autonomy and mutual aid go beyond the limits imposed by the borders of the State. The offensive is advancing and the struggle is strengthening through networks all over the world, from the comrades who claim the autonomy of the Exarchia neighbourhood in Greece and the support to imprisoned comrades to the defence of the earth in France, where our comrade Rémi Fraisse unfortunately lost his life; from operation Pandora and the persecution of anarchist and autonomous practices by the Spanish State to the latest attack on the autonomous community of Ghi’Xhi’Ro’-Álvaro Obregón perpetrated by paramilitaries at the service of Jorge Alonso and the state police, as stated by the community Assembly:
‘The Group of Jorge Alonso Santiago and a police patrol of Juchitan attacked the self-defence force and the comrades who had joined it with firearms, and unleashed tension by using the pretext of an “alleged theft” in order to threaten the intervention of the federal and state police, which were positioned in the vicinity of the community for several hours leaving us in a constant state of alarm.’
A few days earlier the assembly of the community of San Dionisio del Mar, which is in the process of forming a situation of autonomy, was attacked by 500 policemen so that the elections for the mayor could go on, elections that the assembly had been boycotting on many occasions.
Call for solidarity:
Following these events and consistently with our ways of action based on solidarity for the strengthening of the communities on struggle and autonomous and libertarian tendencies, we decided to organize a libertarian caravan on the second week of January 2015, starting from the Isthmus of Oaxaca on 15th January, to support and join those precious efforts for autonomy that are advancing with determination thanks to the indigenous ways of understanding community life.
For the multiplication of libertarian and autonomous efforts!
No imprisoned comrade is alone, no people on struggle is alone, let’s strengthen solidarity networks!
For the autonomous coordination of the peoples!
We will defend autonomy with rebellion!
For the peace of the peoples, long live anarchy!
From the insurgent Isthmus!
Barro Nero
Mexico Anarchist Black Cross
Autonomous Group of Revolutionary Awareness
Social Centre and Libertarian Library ‘Errico Malatesta’
Ungovernable Oaxaca, 21st December of the bloody capitalist century

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