Arson in Thessaloniki On Thursday January 9th/ 2015 we torched two vehicles of K-2 security company in Triandria area.


Translated by Act for freedom now!
Last month began the operation of C’type prisons. The special conditions of detainment is an attempt from the side of the of the state to break the political prisoners and those prisoners who fight or are considered dangerous for the smooth operations of the prison. Beyond this, it is one more attempt to make an example of and intimidate those who fight outside the walls, aiming at the debility or even the ceasing of any social struggle that threatens the smooth operation of the regime.
Of course the increase of detention time and the isolation in the special cells of democracy, it is not something cut off from the intensified conditions of exploitation in the work place, from the expansion of the destruction of nature in favour of profit, from the continuous evolving and onslaught of oppression in social relations. The creation of a prison within the prison is a part of the intensified attack of the state and capital on those below.
An attack that will not stop if we do not raise barricades, if we do not stop placing our hopes in the ballots and the saviors, if we do not take our lives and struggles into our hands.
Lets spread the fires all over Greece, as a token of common struggle with the imprisoned revolutionaries…

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