Genoa, Italy – Benefit concert for anarchist comrades Billy, Costa and Silvia

Translated by act for freedom now
28febbraio-WEB_800x566Three comrades were arrested in April 2010 and subsequently sentenced to years in prison and other restrictions in relation to an attempted explosive attack on the IBM nanotechnology research center of Zurich, Switzerland. In quite a tortuous attempt at making the charges indictable twice in two different countries, Turin prosecutors are trying to put Billy, Costa e Silvia on trial – by extending the charges pressed against them in Switzerland and adding the aggravating circumstance of terrorism.
 The fact that the Polytechnic Institute of Zurich is one of the offended parties leaves no doubt about the origin of this new repressive operation: as it transcends geographical borders and national legislations, the State machine in collaboration with the institutions that make its functioning possible is trying to annihilate those who have decided to oppose the reigning devastation. The intention is that of creating a status quo whereby those who raise their heads and decide to express conflict towards gradual alienation and destruction of the living inflicted by industrial society find it increasingly difficult to carry on the struggle.
 At each attempt at striking us made by the institutions of exploitation, we relaunch the idea of complicit and active solidarity.
 No compromise in the defence of the earth. Solidarity with Billy, Costa and Silvia!
– 8:30pm: Presentation + Talk on nano/ biotechnologies and updates on the legal proceedings against the three comrades
 –10pm (be in time!), concert with:
 ESLEGE (Anarchopunx // Genoa)
WARPATH (Heavy d-beat / crust hardcore // Milan)
LAMANTIDE (Dark chaotic hc // Cremona)
TO ASHES ( Veganstraightedge Hc // Bologna)
LOSERS PARADE ( Hc Punk Outfit // Genoa / Chiavari)
 * Vegan snacks; stalls with environmentalist, libertarian, antispecist materials; exhibition on ‘devastation and plunder’; words from Italian prisons
 ** Bring your distro over and leave your dog at home!

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