Attacking, on 12/2/15, two banks (eurobank and alpha bank) in the centre of Thesaaloniki breaking the windows and destroying the ATMs.


Translated by Act for freedom now!
On February 12th and 13th consultations of E.U. members took place in
order to address terrorism and the economic policy respectively. For us
these two matters are which compose and add meaning to the modern
european vision, that is the economic bleeding of those below,
oppression and dealing with any domestic or foreign enemy which
threatens the stability and social peace.
Specifically on 12/2/15 a summit took place between the ministers of the
E.U. because of the recent incidents in France (there was a previous
summit on 15/1/15 between the ministers of interior and defence of
Europe with the participation also of the U.S. interior minister). The
dominant targeting was the carving of a common anti-terrorist policy and
the finding of new techniques of observation and control, that is to say
a further widening of the defence and fortification of dominance which
we perceive as a primary target of those above in a period of social
unrest. We experience the results of similar such meetings already with
the upgrade of the terror-law, the concentration camps, FRONTEX, the
fence at Evros, the high security prisons and not only.
On the hand, on 13/2/15 the eurogroup meeting took place for the
formation of the economic policy which aims at bringing “growth” to
Greece and generally to Europe. For us this “growth” is nothing more
than the attempt to save and perpetuate the same capitalist system to
which we attribute the poverty, oppression and misery of our lives.
Independently of the different models of economic management, the role
of the banking and the economic system in its entirety remains the same:
the accumulation of profit in the hands of the dominators and the
economic bleeding of the oppressed. Today we experience an alleged
radical economic managing of the crisis, which does not however escape
from the frames of the totalitarian and neo-liberal E.U., it does not
abolish and could not abolish the condition of exploitation itself.
On the other hand, the socio-political management of Syriza, in
contradistinction with that of N.D. which attempted to exterminate the
movements through the strategy of intensity, goes into a new oppressive
strategy with main weapon the assimilation of the demands of social
struggles that have preceded.
For us the enemy independently of the façade it wears, left or right,
was and is the state and capital. Against the logic of delegations we do
not await that any government will give a solution to the problems we
are experiencing, and we propose the unmediated struggle with any means
until the liberation from every form of authority.
Therefore during the days the european dominators met to form their
oppressive and economic course we contributed to this dialogue, by
attacking, on 12/2/15, two banks (eurobank and alpha bank) on Ionos
Dragoumi street in the centre of Thesaaloniki breaking the windows and
destroying the ATMs.

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