Greece: Statement signed by all the prisoners in the E1 wing of Domokos type C prison


Greece: Hunger strike and abstention from prison meals in E1 special wing of Domokos type C prison
 A hunger strike was begun by comrades today in solidarity with Giorgos Sofianidis, a fellow prisoner in E1 special wing of the C prison of Domokos. Giorgos had been incarcerated in Korydallos prisons until the last day of December 2014. He has been admitted to study at TEI Technological Institiute in Piraeus and at the Institute of Professional Training of Koridallos. On New Year’s Eve he was ‘ghosted’ to the category C prison of Domokos, although it is foreseen that those enrolled in Vocational Korydallos are not to be transferred to other prisons.
From today all the other prisoners of E1 wing are abstaining from prison food and refusing to re-enter the cells at noon.


We, all the prisoners currently held in the E1 special wing in the prison within the prison, the type C prison of Domokos, declare that as of today February 27th 2015 we are going to abstain from prison meals and refuse to enter the cells at noon.
We stand by our fellow prisoner, hunger striker Giorgos Sofianidis, and ask that he be moved back to Koridallos prison [where he was incarcerated until News Year’s Eve, in the same region where the educational institutions to which he has already been admitted are available], otherwise he risks losing any possibility to study at the TEI [Technological Education Institute] of Piraeus and the IEK [Institute of Professional Training] of Koridallos.
We demand that the special conditions of detention as well as the barbaric and inhumane type C prison be abolished.
Our mobilisations will continue until the type C prisons are permanently abolished.
Kostas Gournas
Nikos Maziotis
Dimitris Koufontinas
Giorgos Sofianidis [on hunger strike since 27/2]
Yannis Naxakis
Alexandros Meletis
Konstantinos Meletis
Vasileios Varelas
Mohamed-Said Elchibah
Alexandros Makadasidis

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