Chile – Poster in solidarity with anarchist comrade Diego Rios and updates


 From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
forza‘To me freedom is not a place or a permission; it is action, the anti authoritarian stance that fills up all acts, the nervousness that precedes an attack, the comrades’ uncontrollable expressions; it is the feeling of being alive because you know that your life doesn’t belong to capital but it is set against it.’ (Diego Rios)
When we talk about multiform struggle we mean all actions that contribute something to it, and the sincerity with which actions are carried out. For this reason here is a small but necessary gesture of solidarity in the face of comrade Diego Rios’ imprisonment, which took place on 7th February 2015. We send a brotherly hug to the comrade as he’s being held in the claws of Power.
In the face of police State repression our actions become stronger and inevitably add to the conflict. Social war can’t be stopped but it spread in any revolutionary move and action.
Updates: Apparently Diego was arrested by BIPE-PDI (Brigada de Investigaciones Policiales Especiales- Policía de Investigaciones) on 7th February as he was walking in the street. According to the police he had a fake passport. So Diego was also accused of ‘falsification of public documents’. Today, Monday 9th February, the Ottavo Tribunal will officially charge him. In the meantime he was transferred to the High Security unit of C.A.S. (Càrcel de Alta Seguridad).
Updates will follow from the Chilean comrades…
Chile – Anarchist comrade Diego Rios, who had been on the run since 2009, is arrested
Today, 7th February 2015, the miserable men of the investigative police led by the prosecutors of Procura Sud arrested anarchist comrade Diego Rios in the city of La Ligua.
At the moment we don’t have much information on the circumstances of the arrest, if others were arrested too or how the police found out about the comrade’s hideout.
Diego was betrayed by his mother on 24th June 2009 as she had found materials for the fabrication of explosives during the hysteria period following Mauricio Morales’ death.
Since then Diego had been on hiding for over five years. He’s now being detained in the police station of La Ligua awaiting official registration in the centre of (in) justice.
The comrade was charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives in June 2009, and in 2010 he was involved in the repressive delirium concerning so called ‘Bombas Case’ and charged with illicit terrorist association while being on the run.
From press reports we guess that the comrade will be officially charged between tomorrow morning and Monday, when it will be clear which restrictions are to be inflicted on him.
We salute the comrade’s courageous choice of the last four years; for neither hired mercenaries nor miserable prosecutors in suits can silence the determination to be against this miserable world.
Neither their threats nor their watchdogs can put an end to social war… we are unrestrainable.

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