Chile: Solidarity with rebel comrade Nataly Casanova


Publicación refractario, February 26, 2015
Translated by Act for free
imagesNew case against Nataly Casanova and harassment for the rebellious attitude of the comrades
La police have filed charges against Nataly Casanova for threatening behaviour. According to the guards of the Extermination Centre San Miguel prison, she threatened a female screw. The regional director of police, Colonel Federico Muñoz, stressed Nataly’s constant rebellious attitude: “She is against all of our members, she is not against one person in particular because she has a negative animosity toward this person, but has a negative animosity against any employee of our institution. “
We have also learned from the press that Nataly has had four reports for misconduct during these months in prison. For not bowing down and adopting the attitude that the guards are trying to impose on her by a regime of extreme isolation.
Meanwhile, the press have leaked the “presumed facebook accounts” of comrades, which implies access to the cells (which is forbidden in prison, immediately generating more restrictions in daily life).
New searches and restrictions whave been announced for the compas Juan and Nataly.
Remember that Juan and Nataly are accused of having placed four explosive devices in 2014 against metro coach ‘los dominicos’; two cop stations: 1st Comisaria, 39th Comisaria; and the SubCentre of Ecole Militaire metro station. Comrades Juan and Nataly have been held on remand since September 18, 2014 in Santiago 1 and San Miguel respectively.
Solidarity with the unbowed rebellious attitude of Juan and Nataly!

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