Montevideo,Uruguay – Attack in solidarity with anarchist comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar


RadioAzione Translated
by act for freedom now
In the early hours of Friday 3rd February an incendiary attack took place
against the offices of the Popular Party of Spain (PP) in Montevideo. The action was carried out in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who have been locked up for over a year, accused by the Spanish State of belonging to a ‘terrorist organization’ and of placing an explosive device.
This party is the most prominent in Spain and its politicians are among the main ones responsible for persecuting the comrades of social war in that country, such as in the recent Operation Pandora case. These are among those who promoted and approved the so-called ley gag * at the end of 2014, a bill intended to enforce sanctions and restrictions in order to hinder street protests, house squatting and immigrants’ arrivals.
We are everywhere!
Commando Mateo Morral
*ley gag, better known as ley mordaza (gag law), was approved in 2014.

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