Mexico – Words from anarchist comrade Fernando Barcenas


From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
To rebel comrades. To the people in general.
First of all a brotherly greeting, full of health and anarchy and a
combative hug full of active passion and subversive tenderness. A new
scenario is unveiling and even if the horizon is unclear we must face
what is going to happen with courage and bravery. These are difficult
times of struggle and social war, the moment has come to build a new
world, in fact the circumstances are favourable for social revolution;
we are aware that we are condemned by the dirty greed of the privileged
who chose domination in a conspiracy to keep the majority submitted and
Let’s act united, let’s rise up out of nowhere like the terror of nature
that is unleashed violently and suddenly, terrifying small and big
bosses, showing its ferocious energy with the force of a slave who has
broken his chains.
After 14 months in prison I have learned to see the dominating apparatus
with hatred but also with calm; I have come to know the aberration of
institutions and their vile and inhuman purposes that have succeeded in
degrading humanity and the meaning of freedom.
Without a doubt prison is the place that the State offers its freest and
least submissive spirits. Criminality, dissent and dignity coexist in
this obscure establishment that is separate from society but is more
free and honourable, where the State puts those who are not with it but
against it, and is the only place in this repressive criminal world that
the individual remains with honour.
And if anyone believes that our strength gets lost in prison, if anyone
were to think that our voices stop annoying the State’s ears and that we
are no longer its enemies inside its walls, it is only because they
don’t know that fighting against injustice is stronger and more
efficient when done by those who are experiencing it on their skin. For
my part I have stopped seeing the State as an indestructible strong
colossus and started to see it as an authoritarian absurdity, which
having no honour or intelligence ends up having recourse to physical and
violent punishment, like an obtuse loner who fears for his wealth of
gold and silver; at that moment rather than fear I started to feel pity
for it and completely lost the little respect that I once had.
I wasn’t born to undergo violence, I’m of too elevated a breed to turn
myself into a slave, a subordinate in need of protection, an obedient
servant, an instrument of any sovereign State in the world.
Prisoners in the streets and may everything explode!
Health, anarchy and social revolution!

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