Medical Appreciation on the health of the hunger strikers in Domokos prisons – Greece


Translated by Actforfree


Of the prisoners in Domokos prisons on hunger strike as of March 2nd
2015, Dimitrios Koufodinas, Kostandinos Gournas, Anastasios Theophilou,
Nikolaos Maziotis.


We visited Domokos prisons yesterday March 17th and examined the above
prisoners who are on hunger strike. Today they are on the 16th day of
abstinence from feeding  Of them,
D.Koufondinas, age 57, has lost 9% of his initial body weight. He is
pale, haggard, shows fatigue on the slightest move (walking a few
meters), intolerance to the cold, he looks ill and has decreased skin
He displays gingivitis, severe orthostatic hypertension and dizziness
when trying to sit upright. He mentions signs of weakness to concentrate
and shows slight chest pain. A recent electrocardiograph raises the
suspicion of ischemic myocardial disease, while laboratory tests
conducted last week showed the increased uric acid (increased muscular
fatigue, affected kidney function). Mr.Koufodinas has carried out
lengthy hunger strikes in the past and his overall state of health seems
compromised. He requires hospitalization both for further examinations
and for his overall support in case of any event.

K.Gournas, age 34, has lost 9,4% of his initial body weight. He is pale,
haggard and shows fatigue on the slightest move. He complains of
weakness to sleep because of intense epigastric discomforts due to a
spate known from his chronic history of gastritis. He displayed
arrhythmia when trying to sit upright. He also displays gingivitis.
After multiple tests the records show low sugar counts, while the
laboratory tests conducted last week shows hyperuricemia. He requires
hospitalization both for further examinations and for his overall
support in case of any event.

A.Theofilou, age 32, has lost 9,2% of his initial body weight. He is
pale and haggard. He displays orthostatic hypotension and gingivitis,
while he complains of painful muscular spasms (cramps) of the lower
limbs. Low level of sugar was recorded in more than two tests carried
out, while last weeks laboratory tests show hyperuricemia.
He was also suggested to be hospitalized if he so wishes.

N.Maziotis, age 44, has lost 9,3% of his initial body weight. Despite
the fact that he does not complain of fatigue, it is noted that he has
severe orthostatic hypotension and displays low levels of sugar. Also,
last weeks laboratory display hyperuricemia. Additionally, Mr.Maziotis
has multiple fractures of the upper right limb, that have been treated
with external fixation. There is an outflow of a greenish liquid from
the spots where the fixation was placed (it has been cultivated at Lamia
hospital pending results), and, in successive x-rays we observed
findings raise the serious suspicion that there osteomyelitis. The
continuation of the hunger strike and the subsequent immune system
suppression could create a serious problem to this patient, who should,
either way, be hospitalized in a hospital that supports orthopaedics and
infection treatment.

In short, the four hunger strikers have an important and crucial body
loss, and laboratory indications of increased muscular tissue
catabolism. As well, 3 of the 4 have severe co-morbidity. They require,
if of course they agree to it, hospital treatment.

Contrarily, they remain in a space where there is no medical care. There
is an examination room, but there is no doctor, not even a nurse. The
transfer to Lamia hospital where the treatment conditions (prisoners
ward) seem to be completely problematic, cannot be a solution to the
problem of emergency medical treatment the hunger strikers need. A
problem, that will at some point appear for other prisoners in Domokos

Olga Kosmopoulou, pathologist
Vasiliki Korvesi,  radiograph reader

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