The only honour suitable for Revolutionary Anarchist Lambros Foundas and for every armed guerrilla is continuous insurrection.


What they dared to do, giving their lives and their everyday life to open the path for us.
In the streets, resisting all systems, with armed guerrilla warfare, where the position of a true revolutionary is.
Not behind keyboards posting up songs, photos and posters, securely hidden, while almost 20 comrades from the armed struggle are sentenced to hundreds of years in prison, are on hunger strike – some to the death.
 None of those who participate or participated in armed groups would have accepted this. Contrarily they would plan their attacks on the web of the urban State in order to shake it and let the struggle of the comrades on hunger strike be known everywhere.
If we want to honour  Lambros Foundas,  those imprisoned in the concentration camps, the detained and imprisoned comrades, the tortured anti-fascists, the victims of State and fascist violence and so many other comrades and other people who resisted and resist, we know where we must be:
With daily actions, demonstrations, occupations and sabotage, in any way we can in order to destroy every system, until anarchy.
 Because this is the purpose of every revolutionary. Not personal projections or electronic memorials.
But continuous and uninterrupted struggle. Because only insurrection honours the armed guerillas.
Until we meet again on the barricades.
 P.S. And for those who find armed struggle hard and might fear it, they can try to build the self-managed structures the new world of Anarchy will need… There is work for the future… on the front line, or in creation and support… Is there any will?
 *The author of the following text is Lambros Foundas. The text was written and shared out with comrades after his arrest in the Polytechnic in 1995 in Athens
“The State terrorizes, …. slanders, ridicules, enervates, pretends.Its omnipotence is now a myth.
Our rage strengthens us, its alienation does not touch us, we smash the windows of authority with rocks, we melt the chains of subjugation with the insurrectionist fire that burns in the heart of every oppressed human.
 Our eyes are open,
our ears hear every sound,
our thoughts are crystal clear,
our rage is unimaginable.
Our choice is one:
violent, uncontrollable, continuous struggle for the destruction of the State and authority.
We are enraged, we are insurgent, WE ARE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES.”

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