Letter from Nikos Maziotis: To the Assembly for solidarity to the hunger strikers Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!

Comrades, the political prisoners are already on the 10th day of the
hunger strike. It is very positive that the assembly supports all
demands of the political prisoners despite the differences in the
demanding frame, in order for no one to be left alone against state
oppression. You are definitely already discussing solidarity acts that
will take place in the immediate future. I know that one of these acts
is a demonstration in the centre of Athens.

In my opinion, concerning this proposal, this demonstration should not exclusively have the characteristics of solidarity to the political prisoners on hunger strike, but must be connected and place the matter of the revolutionary prospect, the matter of revolution. Because social revolution and solidarity to the political prisoners are linked and directly connected.
The common political demanding frame of political prisoners on hunger strike is very maximalist since it concerns the abolition of  anti-terrorist legislation. It is now understood by many comrades that the anti-terrorist legislation, the hoodie-law, the C’type prisons are linked to the increasingly authoritarian and totalitarian tendencies
capitalism has here Greece and internationally these last decades.

The enhancement of the legal and penal arsenal of the states, the intensification of oppression is directly connected with the dictatorship of the markets and the fascism of the supranational economic elite that has been enforced, especially on the countries that are under the authority of international financial organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the European Central bank and the political directorate of the European Commission, which have signed
memorandums and rescuing programs like in Greece in 2010 and after.

In these conditions where the regime in Greece continues to be unstable,
where it has lost the social consensus because of the crisis, the
memorandums and rescuing programs that brought mass starvation, poverty,
misery, thousands of deaths-murders from suicides and illnesses,
thousands of starving people, it is an opportunity for the anarchist
anti-authoritarian movement to place the matter of revolution on
society, it is an opportunity given the conjuncture of the hunger strike
of the political prisoners.

Because solidarity is connected with revolutionary prospect, because
political prisoners are in prison for their revolutionary actions,
despite the different interpretations of the political prisoners
themselves on this matter. Because solidarity to political prisoners
should not be an introvert case that concerns the anarchist
anti-authoritarian movement but must be a social matter. And in order
for it to become a social matter, solidarity to the political prisoners
must be connected with general political issues, the memorandums, the
debt and the neo-liberal reforms and with the revolution that will
delete the debt and subvert the state and capitalism that breeds the
crises, intensifies oppression, upgrades the “anti-terrorist”
legislation and builds C’type prisons. Besides, as said by the Assembly
for Solidarity to political prisoners, prisoners and persecuted fighters
in its founding text of its political positions, “since we accept that
solidarity to the imprisoned comrades is a part of the revolutionary
movement and has an unbreakable relation with the struggle for the
subversion and the revolution, then our actions promote not only the
defence of prisoners against state oppression but are promotional for
the struggle for subversion and revolution”.

Comrades, if we agree on this, then we must connect the solidarity to
political prisoners on hunger strike with the revolutionary prospect.
A demonstration that has a frame that connects solidarity to
political prisoners with the crisis and the revolution will have a
social and popular acceptance. The anarchist anti-authoritarian movement
must stop thinking and acting with introversion, but be socially opened
and make the matter of political prisoners a social matter. In this way
it acquires social and popular foundations and acceptance.
In my opinion this hunger strike carried out by political prisoners
surpasses even the demand frame it itself puts.
This hunger strike ought to be a militant mobilization that will rally
the political prisoners, the solidarians, the anarchist
anti-authoritarian movement against the nature of the regime we are
living, against capitalism itself which created the crisis we are
experiencing and its results, against the memorandums and the rescuing
programs, against the state that defends the interests of the
supranational capital, that fortifies itself with anti-terrorist laws
and C’type prisons, because it fears the revolution. Against all
governments, and today’s SYRIZA government which seeks to politically
disarm us and assimilate us.

Because this government also serves the lenders, it signed the extension
of the existing memorandum, it will sign a new memorandum in the summer
and because they also fear the revolution. I believe this hunger strike
is a great opportunity for the anarchist anti-authoritarian movement,
with coordination and a unity spirit, to open up to society and
intervene by connecting solidarity to political prisoners with the
revolution. In this way the hunger strike and the struggle of those in
solidarity will be a good political legacy for the future.

Nikos Maziotis member of the Revolutionary Struggle
C’type prisons of Domokos

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