5E prisoners, anarchist comrades Amelie Trudeau, Fallon Roullier, and Carlos Lopez “Chivo” free- Mexico


Via:reporter.indivia and RadioAzione
 From:Cruz Negra Anarquista México
Translated by Act for freedom now
 After being acquitted of the Federal charge of Damage by Fire on February 27, 2015 and after paying bail for the (local) sentence to 2 years and 7 months for offences of Attack on the Public Peace and Damage, comrades Amelie Trudeau and Fallon Roullier, as well as comrade Carlos Lopez “Chivo” were finally released on March 13.
Being of Canadian nationality, the comrades Amelie and Fallon were directly transferred to a station of the National Institute of Migration, a prison for those who do not have the necessary documents to cross the borders imposed by States and Capital. A prison in which hundreds of people pass their days waiting for their situation to be resolved for the fact of not having a piece of paper.
A prison like all prisons, wherein reign maltreatment, humiliation, overcrowding, bad health, etc. They spent several days there. Given the condition of the place: restricted visits and lack of information, the situation of the comrades was unclear until March 23 when they were deported to their place of origin.
Though it has only been several days since the comrades got out of prison, we think it is important to spread this information to update on the situation of our imprisoned comrades. The fact of having been acquitted of one of the charges, rather than speaking of innocence and guilt, it indicates that the State did not construct its repressive theatre very well and that is why it has ended up collapsing, as happened with the accusations of terrorism that they faced for the first 40 days of their arrest when they were held in the National Centro de Arraigos.
We think it is likely that the State is sharpening its sights for the next repressive blow and therefore invite you to constantly think well about our security practices and at the same time remain prepared, because we are sure that the anti-anarchist campaign of the Mexican State will continue.
It fills us with joy to know that our comrades are in the street again!
Yet we miss other prisoners!
Freedom to Fernando Bárcenas, Abraham Cortés and Luis Fernando Sotelo!
Down with the walls of all prisons!
 Cruz Negra Anarquista México

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