Piedmont, Italy – Police raids in Mentoulles and Cuneo


Translated by act for freedom now !
Yesterday morning 18.3.15 on orders of the usual prosecutors Rinaudo and Padalino, the ROS raided the homes of 3 compas and the premises ofthe cultural circle Barbarià and of the popular library Rebeldies. 

The search warrant refers to criminal proceedings based on art. 270bis (association with intents of terrorism and subversion ofthe democratic order): the classic theorem of the ‘double level’, whereby theinvestigated persons would accompany ‘open’ initiatives such as the publication of the magazine Nunatak and the activity of the Cassa AntiRepressione delleAlpi occidentali [Anti-repression Fund of the Western Alps] with direct actionsand acts of sabotage ‘with particular reference to those carried out against the TAV yard’.

 Besides clumsy attempts at placing bugs and others tuff, the raids led to the seizing of IT material including the e-mail accounts of Nunatak, the Cassa AntiRep and the mailing list Alpi ribelli.
In a hotchpotch ranging from messages andcommuniqués of the mailing list to anti-prison solidarity with the anarchists sentenced following the kneecapping of Ansaldo Nucleare manager [Roberto Adinolfi,] all this spiced up with a vague mention of an attack on the Chiomonte yard, the obvious intent of the prosecutors is to criminalize revolutionary solidarity and self-management over the Alpine territory.
 We are going to carry on in our way.
 Against the State and its prisons!
A thousand ways,one and only goal: freedom!
  The raided

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