Chile – A new arrest for the attack on the central police headquarters in Santiago


by act for freedom now
On April 6 police arrested 25-year-old comrade Enrique Alfonso Guzman at the home of his family in Puente Alto.
The arrest is related to the case against Juan, Nataly and Guillermo, who were arrested on 18th September. DIPOLCAR and the ‘Procura Sud’ are accusing the comrade of having acted in the attack on the 1st ‘Commissariato’
at Santiago Centro along with Juan Flores.
Police had been tailing Enrique for 25 days before they arrested him.
On Monday 13th April we’ll know more precisely about the charges
against him. The court has ordered DNA testing on the imprisoned comrade.
Police had allegedly found a cigarette presumably belonging to Enrique in Nataly Casanova’s home on 18th September, bearing genetic samples similar
to that gathered after the attack on the ‘Commissariato’.
We still don’t know which prison the comrade is being held in, possibly ‘Santiago 1’ or Maximum Security (C.A.S.).

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