>Free Renata Zelazna – Letter Appeal #2





Renata Zelazna is a friend of ours and a vegan and anarchist who is now on remand over an unfortunate chain of events. She was arrested in April 2010 in Holland where she had moved to study, after an altercation with construction site workers which ended up with police threatening her in her own flat. She was holding a knife that she was chopping vegetables with – leading to charges of attempted murder!

She was subjected to abuse on her way to and in custody – being beaten, denied vegan food, drink and basic sanitary needs, and even clothes – she was transported to prison naked from the waste down. She has also had problems getting adequate vegan food while in prison and has lost a lot of weight.

She is facing up to 12 years in prison or a mental hospital, and is in need of our support.

Please write to her, she said that getting letters is really helping to keep up her morale:

Penitentiare Inrichting Ter Peel
T.A.V. Renata Zelazna 7138606 cel 1/10
Paterstraat 4
5977 NM Evertsoord

Raise money for her defence, and contact her support groups for more ideas of support:

UK: free.renata@ymail.com
Holland: info@arrestantengroep.org, www.arrestantegroep.org
and sign the online petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/Renata/petition.html

Getting more character statements is important right now. The police are trying to accuse Renata of having mental health problems and saying that she is a danger to the public. We’d like to remind friends, family, people that know her or have worked with her to send character reference letters about Renata. We will collect them to send onto her lawyer. Her court case is on the 20th July so please don’t delay sending these letters to:

Free Renata Zelazna
PO Box 74
East Sussex

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