Aux indésirables – Brussels

Translated by Act for freedom now!
To the undesirables
 For several weeks, demonstrations and blockades against the asylum policy have been taking place one after the other in Brussels. There have been (limited) clashes with the police on several occasions. Yesterday (March 20, 2015), the Freedom March, with or without papers, went through the streets of Brussels city centre to the heart of Cureghem. From there, the march passed by place Bara to return to the city centre.

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Undesirables in this world of cash and power
There are more and more undesirables in this world. Whether it’s the millions of refugees who roam the planet, or the millions herded into slums and poor neighbourhoods around the world. Whether it’s those sacrificed by wars and industrial devastation or the poor in European countries thrown overboard in the name of the economy. Whether it is the brave insurgents who have risen up with cries of freedom and dignity in many countries in recent years or those daring to fight here in the heart of the metropoli, against a world that suffocates them. More and more of us are considered superfluous, unnecessary, dangerous, unproductive and harmful by the masters of this world, who will stop at nothing to protect their system and save their power. They have turned the Mediterranean into a huge mass grave. They have set up hundreds of concentration camps for undocumented migrants. They have developed advanced technologies to better identify, monitor and control us. They brandish the threat of expulsion, imprisonment or the most abject poverty to make us accept the role of slaves that they have reserved for us. They stir up racial hatred and sectarian strife to divide us. In short, they are making war on the undesirables here and elsewhere.
Nowhere to run except …
 Capitalism, the State, authority… have now occupied the whole territory, every centimetre of this world transformed into industrial dustbin, open-air prison, bloodbath and labour camp. Everywhere we see the same logic at work: exploit, control, manipulate, oppress, massacre. And this logic has also penetrated our brains and our hearts: we can no longer even imagine how to do otherwise, without masters and exploiters; we venerate goods and consumption; we allow them to trample our dignity; we no longer dare to fight for freedom, our dreams, the end of poverty. We have nowhere to run to. There is only one country, one space, one territory, where we can go, run to, now, with all our strength, even if we succumb in the attempt. It is REVOLT, the insurrection of whoever rises up against what suffocates and enslaves them. Our community can only be that of rebels, of the men and women, from everywhere and nowhere, of every colour and full of dreams, who are ready to struggle for freedom, ready to put themselves into play, fight with all means against the power that is crushing us.
The mosaic of our battles
It is the passion for freedom that is capable of building bridges between different struggles. Between those who find themselves undocumented and fighting against the State that wants them bound to gratitude otherwise expelled and those who are declared criminals and confront the laws made to protect the rich and powerful. Between those fighting against the construction of new prisons, new tools of repression, even more deadly borders and those struggling headlong against the transformation of the neighbourhoods in this city into corridors of a huge open-air prison to please the rich, the Eurocrats and loaded middle classes. Between those who attack the bosses and capitalists and those who sabotage the daily grind that is slowly killing us.
This is a mosaic of struggles that could emerge. But this can only arise if the struggles remain ours, that we do not entrust them to politicians, political parties, formal organizations, but we continue to self-organize to confront power. And if we dare to give the struggle the weapons to go on the offensive: the weapons of sabotage and direct action in all its forms. Because “injustice has names and addresses”. It is always time to go and knock on its doors. The door of the bureaucrat who signs the orders to deport the undocumented, like that of the entrepreneur who makes money by building a new prison. The doors of the institutions and companies collaborating in roundups, as those of the defenders of order. And we are not going there to talk to someone who never listens anyway. We won’t go to negotiate with someone who only speaks the language of power, statistics and money. We won’t empty-handed, but armed with the consciousness of conducting a determined offensive combat. Let’s go and smash down their doors.

Let fear change sides

Let’s be dangerous for those who want to exploit and govern us

 Fire to the detention centres, fire to the borders, fire to the prisons

 Freedom for all

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