$hile – Solidarity call for the hunger strike carried out by Nataly, Juan, Guillermo and Enrique-


Act for freedom now! received from Spanish  and translated:
April 29, 2015

juanfloTo the compañerxs in Chile and around the world who confront all forms
of power.

To all the rebellious minds and consciences that reject domination and
long for total freedom.

To those who feel inclined to carry out actions:

We who address you, are individuals and organized groups active in
anti-authoritarian solidarity with anarchists and revolutionaries

Today we write to motivate the expression of comradely gestures in an
urgent and combative manner with solidarity actions in support of the
hunger strike carried out by our compañerxs Juan Flores, Nataly
Casanova, Guillermo Durán and Enrique Guzmán.

Our compañerxs are resisting daily confinement with dignity, it is clear
that they have remained un-subjugated to the attempts of the enemy to lobo_prac_8787
make its authority prevail, an attitude that makes clear to us that the
only way chosen has been the struggle against all authority.

As individuals and organized groups that constantly seek to strengthen
their ideas and practices for total liberation, we are not indifferent
to the hunger strike that our compañerxs are carrying out, we are aware
that it is a call to activate symbolic and material solidarity, to
materialize the values that move us, the ones that give life to every
revolutionary project, and define without any doubt the strength of each
prisoner of war.

It is common knowledge that Juan, Nataly and Guillermo were arrested on
September 18th 2014, accused of taking part in attacks with explosive
devices. Right now, the chant “Down with the police State” from Juan,
which shows the three compañerxs’ dignified and defiant attitude in the
face of the police and journalistic scum, has been turned into police,
media and judicial lynching by the authorities.

The imprisonment of the compañerxs for more than six months now, with
Juan and Nataly on remand, and Guillermo under house arrest, has been
marked by the harassment, aggressions and monitoring of the compañerxs
and their closest environment.

The most recent chapter of this situation, was the detention of Enrique
Guzmán on April 6th. Enrique is a friend and compañerx of Juan, Nataly
and Guillermo, who was visiting them and was concerned that they didn’t
lack anything while in confinement. As a way to punish his solidarity
and close relations with the compañerxs, the Fiscalia Sur (a prosecution
office) accuses him of participating along with the compañerx Juan
Flores in an attack against a police station.

Regardless of all this, the response of the 4 compañerxs has been of
dignity and rebelliousness. It has become clear in the compañerxs’
public communiques, where together with the rejection of the charges
attributed to them, they declare themselves enemies of all forms of
authority and recognise themselves as part of a community of struggle
that is building its present continuation in a long history of
rebellion, subversion and insurrections, who refuse domination by
raising the values of solidarity, loyalty, love and revolutionary
comradeship in pursuit of total liberation.

We know that the harassment and imprisonment of people close to
revolutionary prisoners is a form of revenge and blackmail being used
more and more by power against revolutionaries and their closest
environment, as expressed in the case of detention of the family members
and friends of the imprisoned members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in
Greece and the arrests of anarchists and solidarian compas in Spain in
the recent “Pandora” and “Piñata” operations, as also in the accusations
against the mother of one of the compañerxs of the “Security Case”,
related to an alleged handcuff key for an non-existent escape attempt
during a trial that took place in 2014.

We know that authority uses these kinds of tactic as a form of
punishment against the rebellious and dignified attitude shown by the
compañerxs in prison and as a technique to make them surrender, seeking
to make them abandon their attitude of defiance and struggle against the
screws and the system of domination.

We know that these kinds of tricks feed the ghost of “Terrorism” that
allows dictator and democratic States to generate domestic enemies in
order to align the population with the interests of authority, labelling
as “terrorists” all anarchists, as a tool to later destroy every
community in struggle that does not agree with authority.

We know and strongly reject the fantasies of the State and the Fiscalia
Sur concerning the hierarchy and leadership roles given to the
compañerxs, something already used in the indictment against the
compañerxs arrested on August 2010 as part of the so called “Bombs

We know, first of all, that it is part of a continuous historical
confrontation, of which the visibility from the field of the enemies of
authority seeks to demonstrate the concept of how authority acts, far
from any stance of guilt or innocence, never with victimization or
legalism, but more like seeking to expand and go deep into the
destructive critique on authority, to put it into practice while in
pursuit of total liberation.

Therefore, against the attacks of authority and its
media/judicial/prison structural framework, our answer must be action in
all possible ways, and not remaining inactive and as simple observers.

We consider ourselves at war, and when the enemy makes us notice its
tools, we show that we are here and we continue to resist and fight,
keeping alive in our memory that the struggle inside the Chilean prisons
has a wide historical legacy of strikes, riots, escapes and other
different forms of expressing an attitude of dignity in struggle.

But this legacy now needs a response and should also echo abroad.

For all the above, we stand in solidarity and call for solidarity to the
hunger strike of Juan, Nataly, Guillermo and Enrique:

– For the end of the harassment of their circle of friends.
– For the end of the aggressions towards Juan and Nataly by some of the
– For the end of the indiscriminate use of DNA as evidence.
– For the release of solidarian compañerx Enrique Guzmán.
– For the end of the isolation of Nataly Casanova and her transfer to
another section of the prison of San Miguel.

We invite each compañerx that feels inclined to act, to propagandise, go
out into the streets, express their solidarity with the compañerxs in
any way they can.

That the mobilization in support to the hunger strike should be a way to
put into practice the solidarity of attack, seeking to extend agitation
against all forms of power and go into the anarchist ties between


Publicacion Refractario,
Anti-authoritarian  Publication against the prison System.
Colectivo Lucha Revolucionaria (Collective Revolutionary Struggle)
Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, nucleus of anti-authoritarian agitation.

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