Brochure about comrades on hunger strike in Chile



No agression without response
Arrested since September 18th 2014, comrades Juan Flores, Nataly  Casanova and Guillermo Duran are accused of involvement in bomb attacks occurred on July 13th, claimed by International Conspiracy of Revenge, and September 8th 2014, claimed by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile).
They deny charges but claim themselves as anarchists.
On April 6th 2015, was arrested Enrique Guzman, solidary comrade and friend who visited comrades on prison.
OnApril 14th 2015, the four comrades started a hunger strike demanding:
– the release of comrade Enrique Guzmán
– the immediate transfer of compañera Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relation ship with other inmates and more hours in the yard
– the end to harassment of their close environment
– the end of assaults and disciplinary sanctions towards Juan and Nataly;
–end to DNA-based prosecutions.
This brochure includes texts by the comrades, about harassment against them and their closest environment. Also, we includes a solidarity call that we have published with another solidarian groups. Most of the text were translated to english by the comrades of Act for Freedom!.
Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, (No Borders/No Flags),nucleus of anti-authoritarian agitation.
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