Antwerp, Belgium: Nocturnal fire destroys Fabricom offices

Translated by Act for free
hobokenANTWERP – After midnight, a fire broke out in the grounds of the company
Fabricom (GDF Suez) in Hoboken. The fire destroyed more than 24
containers, used as offices by the company. The fire was particularly
violent because of strong winds, firefighters struggled to extinguish
Fabricom is a company that is heavily involved in the management of
existing prisons, as well as in the construction of new ones. It
installs and maintains electricity installations, video surveillance,
heating etc. Fabricom also installed the police CCTV network in
different areas of Brussels.
So the fact that these structures get ravaged by nocturnal fires can
only be good news.
[From the press, early April 2015]. This video has also been found on
the site of a Flemish newspaper:

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