Ghent, Belgium: Solidarity with the mutiny in Ghent prison

Translated by Actfor freedom now!
On Saturday, April 25, 2015, prisoners in the prison of Ghent rioted.
When some “troublemakers” were put in solitary confinement following an
altercation, other prisoners rebelled in solidarity. A guard was briefly
taken hostage, the other guards took refuge and barricaded themselves in
a room. The party could begin: the prisoners began to sack the prison
and light fires. The damage was considerable.

Outside the prison, the police turned up in force. Local police, federal
police, fire department, the SWAT unit … The whole neighbourhood
around the prison, located in the city, was cordoned off, probably in
case of a mass escape. In total, more than a hundred policemen stormed
the prison to put down the mutiny. Two prisoners were injured. A guard
is in hospital in shock.
This mutiny reminds us of the years, not that far away, when dozens of
mutinies and revolts shook the Belgian prison landscape. To denounce the
bad conditions, to mark solidarity with others, to assert dignity in the
face of torture and deprivation of liberty, to raze this pillar of
authoritarian and capitalist society to the ground… multiple
motivations and wills found themselves – as they can still find
themselves today – in the common practice of the destruction of what
oppresses us.

Solidarity with the mutiny in Ghent prison!
Fire to the prisons!
Let’s sabotage the construction of new jails!
Let’s fight against this society that is a huge open-air prison!

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