BOLZANO: incendiary device on the Frecciargento [high speed train]


Translated by Act for freedom now!
From the press of the regime (“Il Messaggero” online, 04/26/15):
Bolzano, molotovs on the Frecciargento for Rome: perhaps a demonstrative attack by anarchists
Seven petrol bombs on the Frecciargento train departing for Rome from Bolzano. From the first fragmentary information seven unexploded incendiary bottles were found in a carriage of the Frecciargento due to leave at 7:11 from platform one. The Molotov cocktails were found during routine checks before departure, when the train was still in the shed in the so-called ‘Zona Siberia’ area of the rail network. Access to the locomotive was blocked by a white and red ribbon with two signs reading “explodes”: this is the scene that presented itself to the driver this morning at the station in Bolzano when he was about to prepare the train.
Only chance had it that the device made up of six plastic litre and a half bottles full of petrol did not explode causing substantial damage, as said by the Questor of Bolzano, Lucio Carluccio. 360 degrees investigations, not ruling out the no-tav area. The origin could be anarchist: perhaps a protest against the repulsion of refugees to Brennero to coincide with the date of 25 April [anniversary of the Resistance]. Or action against the Brenner Base Tunnel. Passengers of Frecciargento reached Verona on a regional train and from there travelled further on another high speed Freccia.

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