Denmark – Copenhagen – Solidarity with the hunger strike in the Greek prisons


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In answer to the call for solidarity with the hunger strike in the Greek
prisons, a few ( far too few ) turned up in front of the Greek embassy in
Copenhagen on the 2nd April, where we place a banner on the building and
handed out flyers to passers by. A Greek member of the protest, managed
after the police arrived and forces us to the opposite side of the street,
to gain access to the embassy and flyers and info was handed to employees
of the embassy.
We also managed to cover the entryway of the embassy with
flyers before the cops forced us away….
This was a small event attended by only a handful of people, but those few
showed dedication and most importantly solidarity with our comrades in the
prisons, not only in Greece but all over the world.
To all those who didn’t turn up. Fuck you and your sofa anarchism.
Fire to prisons, state, capital and sofa anarchists

P.s. We wish all the comrades a speedy recovery as of time of this post,
the hunger strike has ended.

Some Anarchists in Copenhagen

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