Athens – Responsibility Claim for the arson of the Golden dawn nazis Offices in Marousi 15/12/14


Translated by Act For Freedom now!
90A776790A2ED79DB751C0C42059F0ACIn these last years with the economic crisis deepening even more, ageneralized mobilization is observed internationally as well as in the
domestic territory. For the latter, especially since 2010 and after we
can see a total attack on the base of society restructuring the class
map. This attack is aimed against the world of labour, strikes the basic
terms of survival and promotes a violent redistribution of wealth aiming
only at the rescuing and reproduction of capital. Social resistances
dealt and deal with the change of the oppression model to a more
autocratic direction that aims at controlling those who resist. Within
this condition (and for it) the system highlighted its fascist reserves.
The role of the Golden Dawn at an economic level is no other than to
promote the interests of the capital (see questions and voting of laws
for ship-owners), to apply in practise the new blackmailing labour model
(see Unemployment organizations only for Greeks whose cheap labour and
flexibility of labour relations would be the envy of the Federation of
Enterprises).Additionally, the reconstitution of order in the households
(see the Taxi drivers association) is a main target since the “peaceful”
alliances are the ones that allow the attainment of framed “social
dialogues” for the promotion of their interests. At a political level
(institutional) it is a main pillar of conservation of the system (with
an always “antisystemic” profile) taking the role of the rabbit and
acting as another arm of the interests within the institutions.
At a social level the nazis seek the conflict in the interior of the
class of the oppressed. In every neighbourhood where the nazis found no
unmediated antifascist movement from below, created a regime of
terrorism with raiding squads carrying out pogroms against immigrants,
attacks on fighters, homosexuals and anyone who is different compared to
their standards.
We think that the antifascist struggle must be multi-form, unmediated
from party interests, aggressive and have class characteristics. This is
the only way it can be a threat for every fascist state or para-state
Thus, on 15/12, a few hours after the first publicly announced event in
the new offices of the north sector, we chose to attack them with an
incendiary mechanism at the entrance of the offices on Grammou street in
We will not give a shred of land to the fascists to diffuse the racist
hate and grow roots in the neighbourhoods. Only the people who resist
the imposition of fascism as a social condition has a place in cities
and neighbourhoods.
Anarchists against fascization of society

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