Turin, Italy: No Tav prisoners – A letter from Lucio Alberti from Le Vallette prison


  From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now
 Vallette, 29/4/2015
On Monday 20/2 we were transferred to Le Vallette. We left Ferrara at 9am, the three of us caged in the same armoured van under the usual escort, complete with the farce for a piss at the service station with machine guns pointed just in case comrade Camogli attempted some coup.
We arrived in Turin five hours later and it took another four to complete the new arrivals procedures: various searches, paperwork, photographs, medical checks and a long wait. From the guards’ attitude it soon became clear that our presence was an awkward inconvenience not only from a logistic point of view, and the ‘aversion’ towards us was palpable.
When we got to the wing around 7pm we found a large welcoming committee, who ignoring our questions on the obvious oddities of the section, locked us in three cells next to each other, two on one side and one opposite. We quickly realized the trick: we are in a unit for special prisoners whom we have been separated from as they have been moved to cells at the end of the corridor, piled in like sardines.
A dozen empty cells between them and us, like a ‘buffer’. The state of the cells was pitiful: water leaks, broken glass, loose wires and above all no pillows or mattresses! After a quick discussion we decided to make it clear that we were going to be heard.
After shouting for some officer to come over we started a noise demonstration, kicking the wall units and beating pots and pans. After a long while an inspector turned up with some guards, saying that there would be no improvement as it was a temporary transfer for the trial.
After hearing that we were already too well off without mattresses we had another quick discussion as soon as we were alone again: in disbelief at the brazen shithead key-wielders, we decided to go for it again. Literally.  We tossed used gas canisters, rotten fruit and rubbish into the corridor towards the security gate, with the guards trying to kick it back.
Always with the banging in the background. It now being clear we wouldn’t give up even if we had to wake up the whole prison, in the end the missing mattresses arrived. The next morning the pillows and a TV that were also missing from the cell made a magical appearance.
We have conquered more leeway each day: we’ve got two hours’ sociality a day, the possibility to go to the showers together and other small things such as getting cleaning stuff in the cell… which we were refused at first!
We’ve been going to the exercise yard together from the start but are trying to get more time. It looks like we’ll be here until sentencing. Meantime the greetings from outside have helped us a lot to hold our heads high, while hearing the voices of the compas through radio Blackout keeps us company every day.
Provocation from the little men in blue will never be lacking, but be sure we are strong enough not to be intimidated and mad enough to return their blows one by one!
See you,  Lucio

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