Lecce, Italy – Election headquarters of “Noi con Salvini” [With Salvini*] trashed ⃰


 Translated by act for freedom now


Salvini is the leader of the Northern League party, now hunting for votes in southern Italy (in alliance with right-wing parties) amid strong protests from the local population.
   LECCE, 9th May 2015.
 On the eve of Matteo Salvini’s election campaign visit to the city, unknown people trashed a window of the “Noi con Salvini” committee during the night. The committee supports one of the centre right-wing candidates at the local elections.
  On 11th May Salvini’s presence at the Tiziano Hotel in Lecce was opposed with shouts, insults and throwing of eggs. In order to meet his supporters Salvini was forced to enter the back door escorted by police.
 The protest ended after traffic was blocked for half an hour on the highway to Brindisi, adjacent to the hotel.


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