Val Susa, Italy – Sometimes something interesting: the car of Hotel Ninfa owner up in flames!


 By Anarchici pistoiesi 
Translated by act for freedom now
Every now and again something interesting also happens in the Susa Valley, extending the front of attack on the high speed rail to peripheral areas in collusion with the TAV lobby can widen the field of struggle.
The possibilities of intervention could potentially become infinite, making the valley territory more ungovernable in terms of repression and control.   Who knows, maybe some will dissociate themselves, that’s in fashion, saying that these are mafia practices that don’t belong to a certain movement, pointless chatter.
Ending up on the internet isn’t important, actions don’t have to be accompanied by throngs of journalists and photographers (“friendly”, of course!) ready to put any wisp of dust in the media spotlight. Attacking power in its physical manifestations means doing it at any moment and anywhere that it manifests itself, both directly and through the tentacular collusion it establishes.
  From Piemonte Indymedia:  9 May. Avigliano, Turin. A Mercedes parked outside the Ninfa Hotel goes up in flames during the night. The hotel is already infamous for hosting police and carabinieri deployed in the Susa Valley, and for giving space to a conference organized by the Democratic Party in support of the High Speed rail.   Apparently the car belongs to Enzo Savant, the hotel owner.


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