Czech Republic – Solidarity against “Operation Phoenix”


 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now !


On Tuesday 28th April the Czech police, evidently inspired by their European colleagues, launched a string of anti-anarchist actions under the name of “Operation Phoenix”. There have been arrests, interrogations, raids and servers have been seized. Three anarchists are being held behind the walls of detention, whereas the others are ‘free’ on bail.
The whole event was presented as a police intervention against terrorists – a label promptly and willingly adopted by the media, which used it in order to artificially induce and spread panic, so contributing to giving legitimacy to what happened. These actions carried out with the aim of suffocating the growing anarchist movement in the Czech Republic don’t surprise us, because our struggle against inequality through self-organization goes beyond the functioning of official institutions and the judicial apparatus, something the State does not like. Those who don’t hesitate to exercise terror and injustice – in the form of police repression, wars waged by the army, laws, ubiquitous CCTV cameras sanctified by the municipalities or exploited by the bosses – want to give us lessons about “terrorism”.
So who are the real “criminals” and “terrorists”? Those arrested and charged are comrades, and if they are terrorists, then so are we. We build solidarity, create possibilities and point at those who plunder and exploit us!
An immediate end to the persecution and all the charges!
We express our solidarity with the comrades and will continue the struggle!
Translation from Czech by RadioAzione [Croatia]

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