Bologna, Italy – Another request for special surveillance order


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We receive and transmit:  Of the 4 requests for special surveillance orders submitted by Bologna police against 4 comrades, 3 were rejected and one is still awaiting a response.
 The police haven’t been wasting their time and submitted another request: on Thursday another comrade from Bologna received a note from a duty solicitor announcing the date of a hearing for the enforcement of a special surveillance order. The request is date March 26th and the motivations concern a string of reports dating from 2010 to the present day in relation to initiatives against migrants’ detention centres and prison, and in solidarity with imprisoned comrades in Italy and abroad. Mention is made of many episodes included in the “Outlaw” operation file – the shit-investigation that led to the closure of Fuoriluogo in 2011 and which, against the investigators’ wishes, ended with “all acquitted as no offences were committed”.

A first grade sentence concerning the NO TAV maxi-trial is highlighted in bold. It is even highlighted that the “dangerousness of [the comrade] is confirmed by her contacts with insurrectionalist-anarchist exponents active not only in Bologna […], some of whom are under investigation by other A.G. also for subversion and terrorism offences.” As if suggesting: before meeting someone check their police records! The police didn’t specify the duration of the measure but demanded mandatory residence in Bologna. The hearing for the discussion of the application of the measure is due on 29th May.
 It is obvious that the Bologna Digos [political police] don’t intend to give up: after years of failed investigations for association, acquittals, broken deportation orders, they are starting all over again with a string of attempts to enforce special surveillance orders according to the repressive mode of the 2014-15 season. Certainly, citizens besotted by the lustre of this city-bonbonnière will consider such repressive experiments significant and worthy. Therefore, rounds of applause for the police chief and his servants striving for the extinction of the subversive seeds in this city by closing down self-managed places and distributing repressive measures all around.
As far as we are concerned, we can only say that the horror we see every day in this city-fortress (a little in crisis) of the democratic party is something shameful: there are still many reasons for continuing to attack their interests. We are too dissatisfied with the life being proposed to us here, and want to live a different one. We are continuing to build it, outside their rules and schemes. In the request for the special surveillance order the police write: “the woman has not given any concrete demonstration of wanting to make a turn in her life.”
 But we are not slaves, we are dynamite.

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