Chile: Words from anarchist comrade Diego Rios at the end of the trial.


  From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
First of all I’m writing these lines to say thank you for all the actions and gestures of solidarity I received, the ones known all over the world and the more anonymous ones, carried out not only recently but for almost six years, since my situation in clandestinity from Power/State/Justice began, and also for the mobilization and solidarity that kicked off when police arrested me in February this year.
   Then I want to let you know of my release from the maximum security wing of the High Security prison, after spending about seven weeks there on remand, resulting from an abbreviated procedure trial where I was sentenced to 541 days with monthly signing in for the charges of possession of explosive material and items for the fabrication of explosive material.
  The choice of the abbreviated procedure trial and that of not claiming or talking about my imprisonment/sentence is the result of my personal decision, which I thought about a great deal and following which I had to make a declaration of guilt and take responsibility for the charges against me. Today, with all my personal questions, I continue to be convinced of my life choices and decisions and the motivations behind them. The choice of an abbreviated procedure trial is controversial to say the least, but for me it doesn’t imply repentance or even less any form of betrayal, and I think there are minimal criteria/values about the way we face prison.
 Again I appreciate the support, solidarity and complicity, but we know that nothing is over and we still have a lot to keep doing.
 I send my greetings and embrace all those who continue on their trajectory against Power.
Diego Rios

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