Brussels: “Anti-terrorist” raids on comrades’ homes and on ‘le Passage’, the struggle place against the maxi-prison


rubon8From non-fides
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
This Wednesday, June 10, 2015 just before 6am, different teams of the anti-terrorism raided 4 homes of comrades as well as le Passage, the place of the struggle against the maxi-prison. These searches were conducted as part of an operation called “Cavale”[On the run].
6 comrades were taken to the offices of the Federal Police and released around 13h after being interviewed … Interviews during which nobody had anything to say.
In addition to computers and phones, the attention of the cops was particularly focused on all that was propaganda (magazines, newspapers, posters, …), excoriated and many taken away.
For what we know for the time being, these arrests follow an investigation opened in 2013 for “incitement to commit terrorist acts” and “participation in a terrorist organization.” This inquest is conducted by the investigating judge De Coster.
The passage will be open on Wednesday from 17h, and there will be an info point at 19h.
Always in struggle against prison and the world that goes with it.
La Lime[the file]solidarity fund to saw through the bars of repression

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