Brussels – Le Passage Activities June 2015


Translated by Act for freedom now!
Le Passage Activities June 2015
programme_juin_2015Wednesday, June 10th 19h30 – Film projection
Conversation with the mothers of José Tarrío and Gabriel Pombo da Silva
In this documentary, the two mothers talk about the paths of their sons, anarchists who have struggled and spent many years behind bars in Spain and Germany. José died in 2005 following his imprisonment, Gabriel is currently still imprisoned in Spain. They throw a scathing look at the function of the prison in this society of dominant and dominated, of oppressors and oppressed, of rich and poor.
Wednesday, June 17 12.00 (noon!) – Grub
A grudge[a tooth] against the nick?
To those who thirst for freedom and are very hungry, come and share a mouthful and a piece of discussion!
Saturday, June 20 12.00 (noon!) – Meal
Meal to support the struggle
An invitation to meet over a hot meal. The price of the meal is free (you give what you want) to support the struggle against the maxi-prison.
Wednesday, June 24th 19h30 – Discussion
The maxi-prison: big business
If the new prisons serve the State to reinforce its power and repression, they also shovel tons of money to construction companies, architectural and engineering firms, banks, … So dissecting the economic and financial interests behind the construction of the maxi-jail can indicate paths to radically oppose it.
Saturday, June 27th 19h30 – Musical evening
Hispanic revolutionary song
Music has played a fundamental role in the expression and dissemination of subversive ideas throughout history, such as during moments of intense struggles of the Spanish revolution. In popular music of South America one also hears identities, colour, the language of the rebels with their historical context. Come share a few pieces of this immense wealth of the Hispanic revolutionary song.

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