Responsibility Claim in memory of Spiros Dravilas Athens – Greece


Absolutely true accounts of prisoners back then, say that when Spiros
Dravilas (who until then pretended to be a rich kid who liked to fly
around with helicopters) ordered the pilot to fly down over the
prisons of Koridallos, Vassilis Paleokostas was waving a red banner
with Che Guevara on it, in order to signal the landing spot in the
yard of the 1st wing.
What an unbelievably beautiful moment when “… one more attack on
this world was put into motion…”.
 Spiros Dravilas lived the years that followed on the edge, with
moments of attack on the world of uniformed murderers, of money,
of snitching, of the correctional beast. And maybe his exit could not
have been carried out in a less absolute way than the way he lived.
So in order for us to honour his memory, on Monday June 8th we torched
the personal vehicles of cops on Dikearhou Street in Gouva area and Grammou Street in Marousi area.
The memory of Spiros Dravilas should remain for ever alive in the  thoughts of those who continue the war,inside and outside the prisons.
A raised fist and strength to anarchist Grigoris Tsironis and to Spiros Christodoulou.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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