Chile: Anarchist prisoners Nataly, Juan & Guillermo end their hunger strike


Bad news:Today,10.6.15  it became known that their comrade and close friend Enrique Guzmán is being sent back to prison.
 According to a statement posted by the comrades from the website Coordinadora Anticarcelaria La Fuga Nataly, Juan and Guillermo decided to end their hunger strike 53 days since it began – this would have occurred on Friday June 7th.
Recall that the comrades have already won two of their major demands from the authorities – the removal of Nataly from solitary confinement and the release from prison of their comrade Enrique Guzmán.
In the coming days the three comrades will release a communique regarding their situation and explaining their reasons for ending the hunger strike.
Solidarity with Nataly, Juan, Guillermo and Enrique!
via: Insurrection News

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