Switzerland –Marco Camenisch: Forensic-psychological opinion: “Benefits”/”Re-socialisation” … but only if …


 At the end of 2014, as in info of Red Aid Switzerland, the federal tribunal rejected an appeal against the rejection by the DAP of Zurich of a request for release on bail presented a year earlier.
However the DAP proposed the beginning of a process of “rehabilitation”, that is to say an “easing” (“concessions” such as permits, semi-open prison, etc.) of the sentence for “rehabilitation” aimed at “reducing the danger of becoming a repeat offender” after the end of the sentence (May 2018).
 The defence lawyer demanded that the DAP “responsible for (my) case” expressthemselves on the outcome (or not) of the request (the same for the two prisons ofLenzburg and Bostadel).  The person responsible stated that it should proceed well in this sense, but not before receiving (non-binding) “clarifications” from the DAP psychological-forensic department within ROS-Abklärung procedures.
ROS stands for Risikoorientierter Strafvollzug, i.e. “risk-orientated sanctions enforcement” while Abklärung stands for “clarification”, “elucidation”. Abklärung is an “enhanced” (according to the “three eyes principle”) procedure of control and evaluation exercised by the DAP with respect to “concessions” and release of “dangerous clients” introduced first by the Canton of Zurich and then imitated by another three cantons.

At the end of April 2015 (almost Olympic timing…) this “clarification” (whose copies in German are being issued) came in no less than 24 pages!, along with the announcement that “The consequent actual planning of the enforcement will becommunicated in mid-May 2015)”. As for this “actual planning”, a (legal) “hearing” with the “client”, i.e. myself, is very likely to occur soon.  So, “relying on court papers”, a female forensic psychologist expert produced the“scientific” standardized Risk-Assessment mountain with obscenities, just togive an idea, such as 1) PCL-R (Psychopathy Checklist-Revised; Hare, 2003), 2)VRAG (Violence Risk Appraisal Guide; Harris et al., 1993) and 3) Fotres(Urbaniok, 2006).

Fotres is a digital pseudo-scientific catalogue consisting of thousands of boxes to be ticked in order to “assess” (Heil Lombroso…!!! et al) things such as “ social dangerousness” and the “risk of becoming a repeat offender”. A catalogue elaborated, applied and passed off (with “colateral” millionaire income!) at international level by the German forensic psychiatrist Urbaniok and his gang, of the psychological-psychiatric department of DAP Zurich, of which he is the leader.

He is compromised in Germany and a fanatic forensic “therapeutic expert” who produces and upholds an increasingly massive enforcement of indeterminate imprisonment with as much sectarian fanaticism.  In short, from this bit of standard relations and “surveys” the female expert, backed by her head of department-colleague (a forensic psychologist in law FSP/SGRP, forensic prognostic IOT…), and acting as a good worker (poor thing… risking being expelled from the Urbaniok sect and bitter loss of her earnings as social parasite), has produced the following “conclusions”, “recommendations” and “premises”, as much predictable as they are sickening, for a “sentence resolution” (that is to say “concessions”,“rehabilitation”). In the foreground, of course, a “view of the world prone to crime” (youneed a little specific psychosis, don’t you?).
Then “you want” the usual politicaldisassociation, that is to say to renounce everything and everyone,plus total adhesion to the single thought of the totalitarianism of the State and capital dominant at the present time.  Strict control is considered a necessity as well as the “client” ’s availability to collaborate, a “credible expression of renouncing of possible criminal acts both actively – in their being committed – and passively – in planning and supporting” (also given that I’d be sooo “influential”); and finally with their great (and more or less calculated) typically totalitarian vileness and shameless stupidity and pathological paranoia typical of any big or small mercenary of power, a “prohibition of contact with persons of correlated risk” and the “construction of a new social environment” (sic!) What to say? Of course: as long as they remain unpunished, and remain, they will persevere!
 Marco Camenisch, Bostadel, May 2015
   From RadioAzione Translated by act for freedom now

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