Chania: Banners drop for Dravilas, Tsironis and Christodoulou and the 11th of June (day of solidarity to encarcerated anarchists)


img_0056 Strength to Eco-anarchists  Marius Manson and Marco Camenisch and to all incarcerated comrades until total liberation

On Thursday June 11th we acted the minimal in relation to the call for solidarity to Marius Mason, the eco-anarchists and all incarcerated comrades, by dropping a banner in a central spot in the city, while we also dropped a banner in solidarity to the arrestees G.Tsironis, Sp.Christodoulou and for the death of S.Dravilas because of the cops.

Also there was a paper banner stuck up and slogans written on it.

img_0055Strength to G.Tsironis and Sp.Christodoulou
Goodbye Spiros.. Revenge

dsc07014Fire to the prison society


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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