Cheltenham, UK – banner in solidarity with long term anarchist / political prisoners, on 11/06/2015


We dropped this banner in solidarity with long term anarchist /
political prisoners, on 11/06/2015 in Cheltenham, UK. We also made some
makeshift placards out of cardboard, stuck to walls, doors of empty
buildings and bus stops, with notes written with a marker pen bringing
awareness to the masses of prisoners around the world.
Our banner stayed up on the bridge over a busy road leaving one of the
major supermarket chains for almost 2 days before some do-good member of
the public decided to tear it down, other ‘placards’ weren’t so lucky
and were torn down by the next morning. It is hard to imagine what is
going on in peoples’ heads, to be so enraged with a few scraps of
cardboard or stickers, or cuttings from various insurrectionist zines
pasted up over some rural town, that they feel the need to tear them up.
This is in a world where this oppressive system we live within plasters
their message of gluttony and greed via billboards, magazines,
television adverts, television shows, McDonalds promotions on the back
of bus tickets, on the sides of buses, at sports games, on the side of
bus stops and every where else we care to glance. They are so caught up
in their own shit that they don’t even allow us a couple of square ft to
promote compassion and solidarity for those who are confined to prison
walls for their beliefs, not their actions; by this I mean that if a
mindless, drunk ‘vandal’ / ‘artist’ decides to smash a police car or a
window of a building at 2 a.m. they will get a slap on the wrist. With
anarchists, as with Eric McDavid, that is what the courts focus on. The
fact they claim to be anarchists is the reason they are inside those
walls for so long, it is nothing to do with the act they committed.
This system is all wrong, solidarity to all of those who go against the
grain and have been incarcerated for doing so.

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