Udine, Italy – IT attack on the power of attorney with extortion intent


  From the local media (“Messaggero Veneto” online, 11th June 2015) we learned about an IT attack on the computers of the prosecutor’s office of Udine, carried out through a new version of Crypt0L0cker (the targets of the attack were prosecutors’ offices all over Italy and several other public and private bodies).
The virus has recently struck the computers of two judges from Friuli with a precise aim: grab everything contained in their hardware (judicial stuff of various kinds), encrypt it and keep it ‘seized’ until a ransom is paid, i.e. until the judges pay between 300 euros and a thousand euros, the amount generally required to get seized files back (however in previous similar cases files were not returned).
It is sufficient for recipients to click a link in their e-mail to make the system go haywire, irremediably blocking it and obscuring it.
From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now



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