Turin, Italy – Of the four comrades arrested following resistance to a police raid, two are to remain in prison and two have been transferred to house arrest


 from macerie
 Translated by act for freedom now
basta-retate-nuoFifty fifty
macerie @ June 23, 2015
The response of the magistrate to the release instance filed by lawyers for Erika, Paolo, Toshi and Marco, in jail after the negative outcome of the Review, came a little sooner than expected. [The comrades were remanded in custody on 20th May 2015 following their resistance to a police raid against undocumented migrants that took place on 2nd February 2015.] If Erika had had to extend her stay in the nation’s prisons on pretext of a technical defect, the news came today that not only for her but also for Mark the custodial measure has been converted. Both will get out later in the day to remain under house arrest, of course with all the restrictions as has been the case for Luigi. There was certainly little better to expect; these days when even such a tiny investigation as this becomes an opportunity to get rid of ‘some incurable pain in the neck’ for a while, it would be rather naive to think that they could be freed in a short time. We are not surprised then that for Paul and Toshi the prison doors have still not opened.
To write them, here are their addresses:
      Paolo Milan – c/o C.C. Via Sforzesca, 49 – 28100 Novara
Toshiyuki Hosokawa – c/o C.C. Viale dei Tigli, 14 – 13900 Biella


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