France, Besançon (Doubs): Town Hall in flames after two Molotovs are thrown inside it


France Info, Thursday, June 25, 2015
A man threw two Molotov cocktails into the historic Town Hall of Besançon (Doubs) this Thursday lunchtime, triggering a fire. He was quickly arrested by police. Firefighters have limited the damage to the town hall and are still on site.
The historic town hall of Besançon (Doubs) has been the target of arson. Around noon on Thursday, a man came to the reception and asked an employee to leave. According to police, the individual then threw two Molotov cocktails in the ground floor of the building. There were no injuries, but one person is in shock. Very quickly the flames reached the first floor and attic of the building. Forty fire fighters were dispatched to the scene. Two people had to be taken to hospital after breathing thick black smoke. The arsonist was soon stopped by police. He is “well known” to police services for misdeeds in the city centre of Besancon. He is a refugee from Cameroon.
The historic City Hall of Besançon, is a few hundred metres from the current town hall which hosts the administrative services.
From Bien public 26/06/2015 at 07:10
…According to our information, he would be a Cameroonian political refugee. A writer aged 46 years, forced to flee his country after publishing a scathing attack on the extravagant lifestyle of the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, in 2010. Thrown in prison, he had applied for asylum in France but seemed unsatisfied with the welcome received.
Believing he does not receive enough assistance to set up his own publishing house due to his alleged inability to access the world of national editions, he has multiplied his escapades in Besançon in recent months. It is not known why he was harassing the town hall while the Doubs prefecture has granted him special monitoring and assistance. Many times arrested, complaints have piled up against his behaviour. But above all, his wishes seem contradictory. In a letter to the Interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, published on a blog site Mediapart in April 2014, Zéphirin Bertrand Teyou stated in a peremptory fashion, “Rather than live as a slave with you, I would rather live as a wreck back home.”

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