Czech Republic – Prague: Comrade I. is arrested in new detention case


Yesterday, 29.6.2015, the district court of Prague 6 ruled to put Comrade I. in custody.
I. was accused in another case of repression of ‘ultra-left extremism’.
He was taken on Friday in and charged on Sunday.
According to the police, I. took part in the ‘attack’ on the house of the minister of defense of Czech republic with Molotov cocktails. (8.6.2015)
There are no photos nor videos of this ‘attack’. There was no actual fire, despite 4 bottles having been thrown.
No other evidence of the ‘attack’ has been made public, nobody claimed responsibility for it.
With the knowledge, that the alleged planning of an attack on a military train was staged by infiltrated police agents, this ‘attack’ looks suspicious.
The fact that I. is a Russian citizen, plays into the context of political discourse rather suspiciously well.
I. got the worst type of custody with very strict conditions.
More info in English soon.

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