Perugia, Italy – 29th June: anarchist comrades Sergio Maria Stefani, Alessandro Settepani, Stefano del Moro, Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino sentenced at the appeal trial for ‘Operation Shadow’


    Sergio Maria Stefani has been sentenced to 4 years for an explosive attack, Alessandro Settepani to a year and a half for attempted sabotage on the Orte-Ancona railway track (March 2008).
With a slight change to the first grade sentence the charge relating to article302 (instigation to commit of fences with intent against the international and national character of the State) was commuted into article 414 (instigation to commit a crime): Stefano del Moro, Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino were sentenced to 3 years for publishing the revolutionary anarchist paper KNO3.
In the first grade trial they were all acquitted of the charge of subversive association with intents of terrorism (270bis) and Sergio had been sentenced to 3 years and 3 months for car theft.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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