USA – Issue 2 of The Dirt, Dirty and Censored Versions


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 Rebel Greetings!
 The slowly decentralizing media assault wagon that is The Dirt has just released Issue 2! We’ve got 2ish dirt collectives and we’re looking to expand if anyone wants to climb aboard our anti prison war boat.
This round of published filth we’re throwin’ blows and makin’ sure you know. We’ve continued a bit on the theme of prison construction contracts with some juice about Corrections Corporation of America and some what-now’s regarding some very personal details of the contractors and architects involved in the companies who are responsible for the construction of the new juvenile hall in Seattle.
We’ve got a call-out for a prison leaks type project from sean swain and some text from a blog that’s functioning as a stand in to fulfill this call out until some radical techies step up to the challenge.
There’s articles about anonymous emails, automatic license plate readers, prisoner writings and updates, repression, riots, and race, oh my!
This issue is being released in two versions: Dirty and Censored. The purpose of having a censored version is so that we (or you) can distribute The Dirt inside the prisons. As it stands we think this issue wouldn’t make it into the hands of locked up comrades if it was sent in its full glory and we’d risk having our publication banned. However, please feel free to give us feedback on this as it’s an experiment for us.
We’re low on print funds this time around so if anyone wants to:
A) print and distribute copies of issue 2
B) Throw some money at us so we can do it ourselves because you think our project is just that damn awsome
that would be cool
Also, we’re always welcoming submissions that will keep us informed about the many tentacles of the prison industrial complex, how to stay safe and do cool things tech wise, who’s spying on us and with what, prisoner writings, cool drawings, and more.
You can email us at to send us submissions, information on what we and our locked up friends would like to see written, and for places to send copies or funds.

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