3 days DIY festival UNDERGROUND music scene -Veria (North Greece)


11181212_900820543311845_1306889417512726858_nThe biggest DIY Festival in Greece is coming back for the 6th consecutive year with a great variety of bands from the UNDERGROUND music scene.
A 3 days DIY festival which helps us organize our needs and promote our culture through music and other activities.
OUR culture which speaks about freedom, solidarity and the struggle against our oppressors and the society of obedience!! We stand opposite and hostile in the commercialization of our lives.
The fest aims to raise money for…
-The solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted fighters
-The judicial costs of persecuted fighters in Veria
-The self-managed studio »GIAFKA» records
-The creation of a self-managed photocopy in Veria
-The typographic collective »DRUCK» in Thessaloniki
The fest takes place in Platanakia, an open area outside Vergina, a village close to Veria (North Greece), a wooded location with a small river that gives opportunities to relax and enjoy the nature.
There will also be free campsite and lunch for everyone. «Campers should take note that it is quite cold at night..»
BLOG: https://3daysoffreedom.wordpress.com/

: http://tickets.trainose.gr/dromologia/


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