Veracruz, Mexico: Incendiary attack against a Toyota dealership


“The technological progress of civilizations requires us to wage war in the here and now against all domination and it’s tentacles that gag us.”
Early in the morning of Thursday, June 25 we detonated an incendiary device at a Toyota dealership located on Vallejo avenue making a mockery of it’s security measures and avoiding the system’s patrols and surveillance camera showing that war is here and now – that cameras, patrols, bullets and all measures taken to counteract our actions are useless. Because even though the system’s surveillance cameras are spying on every street and even though their henchmen are deployed throughout the country we continue attacking, gaining in our steps against domination.
We claim this action in the name of every comrade killed, kidnapped, threatened tortured, imprisoned and prosecuted in Mexico and the world, to make it clear that every bullet is going to return – even if they kill us or imprison us they should bear in mind that they will suffer the same fate. For every dead comrade we will kill a thousand more for them. They say that Black June ended on June 7, well we say that it finishes neither on the 7th nor on any other day or month, this is a call to continue the permanent war.
Against all technology and it’s poison that murders wild nature!
Not just in June, but for a permanent Black War!
Fire to civilization!
We also salute the fugitive comrades Felicity, Chivo and Tripa – from clandestinity the war continues! We also send a warm embrace to the hunger strikers of the informal coordinating committee of prisoners, we know that it is possible to fight for the health, freedom and liberation of prisoners from all geographies.
from: contra info via:insurrectionnewsworldwide.

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