France – Massat (Ariège): Tour de France flattened


Vandalism: thousands of nails scattered on the road of the Tour
 Yesterday early in the afternoon a large quantity of upholstery nails were methodically spread over the road of the Tour, in the ascent of the Port de Lers after Massat, and the descent to Vicdessos. Thousands of nails, according to various testimonies, were picked up on the spot by Tour de France enthusiasts as well as by County Council roads road services agents.
 “The nails were spread over there, indicates the occupier of a camper spared from punctures, indicating the start of the descent to Vicdessos. I saw the gendarmes, they picked up loads of them.” But one of the victims, arrived from Toulouse with his camper says he came by … Massat. Many drivers confirm: they found many nails in this part of the route. For their part, the County Council officers also found nails in the descent, “Until Vicdessos,” one of them affirms. On both sides of the pass, that is.
 Camper-drivers, cyclists come to touch this pass classified as first level, and even the gendarmes of the Garde Républicaine, are among the victims according to our sources.
 “I’m furious, says a camper owner. I have three tyres damaged. I need to get help. I don’t understand those who did that.” A second added: “Why are they going after us? We’re not from here, but we participate in the local economy. We stopped in Massat to do some shopping.”

 Yesterday, an investigation was opened into this act of vandalism that took place a few hours before the Tour. The gendarmes were seen around the pass several times. But, as in 2012, investigations will be complicated.
 This is the second time nails have been spread on the road on occasion of the Tour in Ariège. Already in 2012, upholstery nails were scattered on the road of the Péguère Pass, between the passage of the caravan and the arrival of the cyclists, triggering a series of punctures and falls, some serious. The investigation failed to identify the perpetrators of that first act of vandalism.
 Yesterday, the county council teams passed several times with a sweeper to make the road safe. The concern, a few hours from the arrival of the Tour, was palpable.
 Cette semaine
 Translated by Act for freedom now


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