Turin, Italy – Food and books collection for the comrades arrested on 20th May


Paolo, Erika, Toshi, Marco and Luigi have been under arrest since 20th May for having tried to liberate ‘undocumented’ migrants during one of the many police raids in the streets of Aurora. The judges in charge of the case don’t seem intentioned to release the comrades any sooner: over two months later, two are still being held in prison and the others under house arrest with all restrictions.
Solidarity with them is above all to carry on the struggle for which they ended up in prison. The struggle for a city from where no one should be forced to flee because they are too poor to have stay permits. But it is also important that [the comrades] can feel the closeness and love of those who are on their side in a city split in two by injustice. And this also means little things: a longed-for book, a letter that was expected, the flavour of the food that reminds of the streets where they have lived and struggled.
Therefore we decided to organize a collection of food and books for Paolo, Erika, Toshi, Marco and Luigi. Just another way to spend an afternoon together with friends, family and also unknown people in solidarity, and to talk on the situation of the arrested comrades and, why not, find new ways to carry on the struggle and solidarity.
Thursday 30th July
Occupied house on Corso Giulio Cesare 35
6pm: collection of food and books for Paolo, Erika, Toshi, Marco and Luigi
8pm: let’s have some food together
We invite anyone to bring the food and books they’d like to send to the comrades. Please note that for the three under house arrest there are no exceptions on what they can receive. For Paolo and Toshi, still locked up in prison, here is what is allowed to the cell:
Matured cheese, dried fruit without shell (peanuts, almonds, nuts), cured meats, sliced bread, paperbacks but not too big.
From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now

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