Statement by Giorgos Harisis, father of anarchist Fivos Harisis


Why do we baptize the real terrorists as friends?
These days the Greek people but also all peoples of Europe and the
world, who follow the developments in our country, realized that there
is a post-modern, as its called, coup de tat.
A people who resisted and voted differently is being punished and a
government and a country who wanted to dispute the dominant European
choices is enslaved.
An ultimatum was delivered with the demand: you either enforce tough and
brutal memorandum measures or we strangle your country!
It was revealed that the euro zone  functions as prison and its “clergy”
as a criminal and terrorist organization!
I made this association after attending the “terror-court” in Koridallos
yesterday against the anarchists, among which against my son Fivos, the
prosecutor read out the indictment, concerning their participation in a
criminal and terrorist organization, based on the “anti-terrorist law”
More specifically she mentioned that: “Whoever carries out a crime in a
manner or extent or under conditions which can seriously damage a
country or an international organization with the aim of seriously
intimidating a population or to illegally force a public authority or
international organization to perform any act or to refrain from such or
seriously harm or destroy the fundamental constitutional, political and
economic structures of a country or an international organization…”
These anarchists, based on the indictment, are looking at dozens of
years of imprisonment. Contrarily, the criminal gang of the E.U. and
Euro group who destroy the country with all their decisions, threaten a
whole people with Genocide, trample on constructional predictions and
expose the international position of the country, not only are not dealt
like such a gang, but are our collectors, define our policy, “write”
our laws and the most important of all… we beg to be their friends and
A double standard therefor… The state “baptises” whoever they want and
whoever disputes them, as “terrorists”, while the blackmailers and
powerful ones, as friends, collucutors and companions!
Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

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